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Asset Management

The Suddenly Single Wealth Management®                 professional coordinates with your specialists (CPA and Estate Planning Attorney) where required.

Suddenly Single Wealth Management® strategies include:

     1) SEEKING TO CREATE AND GROW WEALTH: examining the appropriateness of investments, adequacy of life insurance, and the need to minimize income tax related to investments.

     2) STRIVING TO PRESERVE WEALTH: examining the overall investment portfolio, including asset allocation management and diversification of investments; analyzing the client's overall insurance plan for adequacy, appropriateness, and cost effectiveness; and helping to identify client tax sensitivity.

     3) TAX-ADVANTAGED LIFETIME DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH: examining qualified retirement plans for investment and distribution issues that arise during and after the client's lifetime; examining corporate executive stock options for investment concentration, transferability, and tax issues; providing business succession planning; helping determine who should serve as Durable Power of Attorney and/or Successor Trustee, and other continuity issues; and examining tax efficiency and control issues related to Charitable Gifting.

     4) TAX-ADVANTAGED DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH AT DEATH: The ESTATE DOCTOR® exam also reviews titling of assets, the role of Executor and/or Trustee, the control and tax-efficiency of wealth distribution to Spouse and descendants, and the control and tax-efficiency of Charitable distributions at death.


No strategy assures success or guarantees against loss.

Please consult your tax or legal advisor for answers to your specific questions.

Kathy Eckerson and Suddenly Single Wealth Management are not licensed estate planning attorneys or tax preparers; and therefore, cannot provide this advice.