Suddenly Single Wealth Management® When Major Life Change Requires a Financial Co-Pilot



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Pebble Beach, CA 93953



Trustworthy Partner

Often, we seek a business partner without knowing the values they bring to their business and to their relationship with us.  At Suddenly Single Wealth Management®, we seek to be transparent.

Therefore, our "Value Proposition" (the values we seek to bring to our relationships) is here for you to see.  We seek to be a:


      a.  Suddenly Single Wealth Management® is a local  financial boutique which respectfully listens before speaking, encourages questions, and provides clarity to increase understanding.

     b.  You might be asking "Why go to a firm that tries to tell you what you should do?"   We think you are right and that you should expect to be treated like a valued partner.

     c.   Suddenly Single Wealth Management® is the firm you can understand and trust.

    d.  We understand the technical aspects of financial planning as well as the emotional aspects of transition and change.

     e.  We provide support and direction and help you realize your dreams.  Welcome to the ESTATE DOCTOR® -- Suddenly Single Wealth Management family.