Suddenly Single Wealth Management® When Major Life Change Requires a Financial Co-Pilot



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Women and Money

   Suddenly Single Wealth Management® is uniquely designed to meet the needs of WOMEN who are looking for a partner approach to their financial affairs.  

Working as your Financial Co-Pilot who has personally experienced the challenge of loss and divorce, we seek to help youhelphe  :  1) Create and Grow Wealth; 2) Preserve Wealth; 3) Provide Tax-Advantaged Lifetime Distribution of Wealth; and 4) Coordinate with your CPA or Attorney to enable Tax-Advantaged Distribution of Wealth at Death.

Suddenly Single®, Suddenly Single Wealth Management®, Turning Single Wealth Management®, and Estate Doctor® are registered trademarks for the services developed by Ms. Eckerson. 


You may wish to consult your tax professional regarding your individual circumstances.